My Saturday Class

January 27, 2018

Adrian Salas took her second class today and it went very well. Today’s palate was pretty limited. We used black gesso on the canvas and then began with a thin coat of liquid clear. Beyond that, the only colors we used were Pthalo Green, Prussian Blue, Titanium White and a little bit of liquid white. It did not take many brushes either. The 2″, 1″ and an Oval. Oh yes, the script liner.

The painting turned out really good but we have decided to change the composition a little and do it again. So, stay tuned. She will be back on February 10th. I can tell you for certain, Bob Ross would be very proud of this young woman.  Here is a link to this days class.

You too can enjoy the Joy of Painting.  See more students work at my web site:

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