An old memory….

Hello all….

I was playing on U-tube this afternoon and ran across an old video (slide show) that I had forgotten about. I was going to say forgotten about completely, but I guess that would make no sense, because when I forget about something even just a little bit…. it is gone.

In any case, it was fun to look at and I decided to make it a part of the Video portion of my web site. Unlike most of what I do, this is not about students work, but is a compilation of some of Wanda’s and my earlier paintings. I hope you will take 5 minutes to look at it, as many of the floral paintings that Wanda has done are really excellent

You will see that this was done when I was still teaching group classes. I last did this when we were in Arizona. As you know, now I focus on individual class attention so limit the number of students to no more than two.  One other thing, My website name has changed in that instead of it is now .org.

If you are thinking of a February class, I suggest that you call to reserve a day and time. The phone has been busy these past few days and the remaining days are beginning to fill up…

OK, here is the link to my old slide show.

Pat Alsup CRI®

One thought on “An old memory….

  1. Thanks Pat & Wanda – I watched the whole thing, and really enjoyed all your paintings! You are both so talented – congratulations. Hope all is well with you and your family. I am doing just fine. Vicky and Jose are living with me now, and I really enjoy having their help and their company. I’ve really enjoyed this “winter” that we have been experiencing. I don’t recall another one quite so mild. At least I don’t have to dread going out and slipping on the ice or just plain falling………..Take care, and hope you can continue “doing your thing”. I really enjoyed the background music, too. Love to you both, Betty

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