My Youngest Student to date

I am excited today for several reasons.

  • Number one on the list results from today’s class. My last posting featured young Ruby Starr who did an outstanding job on her first painting. During that class her younger brother Harrison sat in attendance and today he sat at the easel. Now Harrison is only 5 and is the youngest student that I have ever taught. When I began my career as a Certified Ross Instructor, my guideline was that no one under twelve could paint with us. Of course, those were 4 hour adult sessions and now that I am instructing private classes, I can allocate more time to younger artists. Harrison, you did an excellent job and I am very proud of you! To see Harrison’s class photo’s CLICK HERE
  • I am so pleased with the response to this site. We have had many nice compliments and more people are joining us each day. If you have not yet signed up on the contact list, I encourage you to do so and to share that thought with your friends
  • We have added a feature where you can comment on individual classes and I am looking forward to seeing those comments. I am certain that the artists will appreciate your critiques as well.

Tomorrow I have two new students that will be in the studio. So, watch for their results.

Thank you for your encouragement. Please give us honest feedback. It just makes the site better.

Pat Alsup  CRI

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