November 4th Class

Yes, I am back with another posting. Let me begin by saying that this has been a purely enjoyable day. It began with an early class with first time students Megan and Dylan Peacock. They arrived with Mom and Dad. This is a family that has recently relocated to Twin Falls from South Africa and they are delightful to know. Our studio space is not large but Janet and Steve wanted to sit in on the class and I never have a problem with that. I find it interesting how well youngsters can do. These two were attentive, watched how I loaded the brush and how it touch the canvas. With this technique, that is 90% of what it takes to produce good results. The class took a little less than two hours and in a bit I will give you a link to the class photo’s.

Following cleanup of the studio, Wanda and I took a short drive North to Mountain View Barn where they were holding a craft sale. There were lots of tempting items and in fact, some even found their way home with us. But not before we enjoyed a tasty waffle with strawberry’s lunch. MMMMM Good. The Cafe there is open all week for and serve 3 meals. The atmosphere is unique and if our meal is any indication of what the rest is like, I will definitely go back.

This afternoon Wanda let me run the vacuum cleaner and then scrub some floors. Life just does not get much better than that. And now, I am delighting in sharing the morning class with all of you…  LIFE IS GOOD!

Now then, take a look at what two young people can accomplish as they explore The Joy of Painting. Just to to and then look under Classes…


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