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May 1, 2018

Today, I have two students that I want to feature:

At the end of each month, I look back at the work done by the students that have taken classes and evaluate several areas. Naturally I look at the quality of the paintings but to be selected for this honor one must also demonstrate excellence in being able to pay attention to how I load the brush and how the brush touches the canvas to achieve each effect. Being able to focus on their work for the entire class is also a factor. Some of my students come to paint one time, just to see if they can and others really want to learn to paint. I tend to favor the second group when making this selection.

This month I am proud to announce that Kadee H. is the Student of the Month. Kadee has been to four classes and each time she has added new skills. There is no question that she is working to become an accomplished oil painter. You can see her official recognition HERE.

Well done and congratulations Kadee:

20180216 Haderlie, Kadee 007

I hope that all of you took the time to attend this year’s Art & Soul of the Magic Valley competition. It is here that you can see the excellent quality of work that artists of many different mediums produce. The pieces are displayed by merchants throughout Twin Falls. Some have one piece and some feature several. I was amazed at the quality of the entries this year. As of this date, I have not seen who was recognized as winners in the various areas or who the $ winners were but I did see one of my students work displayed.

In the Magic Valley Mall there were three different Youth Categories on display. One for Elementary Students, a second Middle School Division and then one for those who are in High School.

Evan Spooner submitted a painting that he did in a Joy of Painting session and I thought it was the best of the Middle School entries. I am anxious to hear how the voting went. Here is a link to the class that Evan took… CLICK HERE

Speaking of students, this is Graduation Month for the area schools. If you are looking for a special gift that you grad will love, consider a gift certificate for a class. It can be either an adult or a youth session and is redeemable any time..

Gift Certificate Graduation.jpg




































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