It’s not always class time

April 24,2018

I guess that one might guess that I spend all of my studio time with students…. and…. while that is a nice thought, it just does not work out that way.

Although, today I did have a class scheduled for late afternoon and was in the studio setting up when I looked at my messages and learned that there was a change of plans. Today’s class has to be rescheduled which happens. I don’t like it when that happens as it often means that another student who wanted this date was turned away, or I could have planned something away from the house… like shopping for spring flowers.

Did I cry… noooo I did not! Nor did I pout. Instead I decided to spend the time painting for me. I broke away from my traditional happy little trees and snow on the mountains to deal with some darker subjects. Not evil, just darker.

I have had this painting in my head for the last little bit and feel really good about how it turned out. I may have to play with this theme a bit more. And I am really pleased to say that this one already has a “SOLD” tag on it. A former student and long time friend saw it on Facebook and asked me to hold it for her. She has other paintings of mine and that makes me very proud..  Here it is..

IMG_9206 - CopyThere was still time before supper so I opted to do something a little different. Was not really sure where this one was headed. I often will begin with a background color and then just let the image present itself as I go along. Sometimes that works. I always look forward to reactions and comments. Give me your thoughts:

IMG_9209 - Copy











And I have been thinking about developing a new painting for my youth classes. It needed to be pretty basic and something that my young artists can complete in one hour. I think that they will like this one… I will probably change it up, with some different collars but the theme will remain the same…

IMG_E9203 - Copy










First time students will not try this but it will be good for second and third classes. Taking reservations now…

Remember, taking care of your brushes means they will last a long time and that is important as good tools are not cheap..

Pat Alsup CRI®

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