Another short video

January  25, 2018

I did it… Spent the money to purchase the program I was playing with and that investment will probably require me to buy several more “how to run the damned thing” videos. I guess over time (I wonder how much of that I have left) I can learn.

In any case, today I am posting a very short video demonstrating the correct way to apply liquid white, or liquid black, but not the liquid clear. That is very different. When Bob did his Joy of Painting series the time constraints would not allow him to apply the liquid base while filming, so one never got to see how to or how much to use. I hope this helps to explain it a bit.

Tomorrow, I think I will just paint for fun. No instructions but just some comments as I go along. It will be a little longer than this but certainly not 30 minutes. Obviously, you will know if it turns out like I plan.

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Pat Alsup CRI®


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