February 28, 2018

Once again it is time to make the determination as to this months recipient. As is always the case, I evaluate a number of factors. Certainly the quality of the painting is primary, but I also look at the students activity in their class or classes. Paying attention to instruction, being able to apply what I demonstrate to their work and general attitude are others:

The February selection for this recognition is Anika Slagowski who arrived for her first class filled with enthusiasm. As a long time viewer of The Joy of Painting, she was very familiar with what to expect. She was even wearing a pair of Bob Ross socks. And while her enthusiasm was a part of what made the day enjoyable, her aptitude and attention to instruction were the primary factors in my decision. Her painting results will speak for themselves. Congratulations Anika. I am proud to have taught you your first JOP class!

If you would like to see more of her class photo’s CLICK HERE

20180218 Skagowski 027



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