March 11, 2019

Today I was blesses with another breath of fresh air when Hadlee Zuercher arrived for her first Joy of Painting class. She professed to not being nervous, but I am thinking that she was, just a little.

As is the case with all new students, we began with a short orientation, explaining what tools she would be using, how to care for them, the paints we use and assurances that she was going to have fun. Most of all I stress that there is very little that can happen on the canvas that we cannot fix. We never make mistakes but instead have happy accidents.

From the beginning Hadlee was very attentive and was able to duplicate all of the strokes as I demonstrated them to her. Still she was cautious and because of that, the class ran a little long. Did I care?  Nope!  The important thing to me is that my students understand and don’t feel pressured. By the end of the class, she was much more relaxed, painting with less hesitation and as you will see, her results were outstanding.

Below is a short video showing some of the painting segments and that is followed by all of the photo’s I took of the class.