You can look at all of the class photos in the order that they have been taught, newest to oldest by     CLICKING HERE

We have also taught a number of 5 day workshops where in the morning we practice special elements such as snow on mountains, making several kinds of trees, clouds, grass, bushes, etc. Each has a special way of loading the brush and way of touching the brush to the canvas.. Then in the afternoon, we use those and other techniques to do a painting. You can see some of those daily results by CLICKING HERE

Or, if you are just looking for a specific student below is an alphabetical list of those taught since we returned to Idaho…. Find your artist and click their name.

Alsup, Steve

Archer, Tom & Karen

Attebury, Autum

Attebury, Jill & Chaz

Babcock, KJ & Sarah

Blount, Curt

Burr, Michael

Burr, Megan

Evans, Mara

Fortune, Kris

Frailey, Linda

Graham, Andy

Hanson, Kathy

Holladay, Harold

LaGrange, Charmaine

Maguana, Miguel

Newberry, Cathy & Grace

Scott, Tammy

Scrimpsher, Dan & Leah        Dan

Seeley, Melanie      Class # 1        #2

Spooner, Evan

Starr, Ruby

Stevenson, JC         Class  # 1        # 2

Toronto, Diana      Class # 1         # 2

Young, Carol

Wills, Kathy

Wilson, Dallas