April 6 Update

Life is very different these days and certainly a bit frightening. It has curtailed some activities that I have really enjoyed. Just yesterday I did a bit of moping because Steve and I were unable to have our regular Sunday morning breakfast at the Black Bear Cafe. Funny how you get in a routine and don’t know how much you are enjoying it. The self imposed stay at home quarantine does not have much of an impact on me as I don’t go out all that much. I still make it to the grocery store and up to Steve’s house where my dog (Sarge) can run in the back yard and we can enjoy the fire pit. Sarge and I have not missed one day of going to the school or the soccer field where I can throw the tennis ball for him. And we try to do this a couple of times a day in the back yard. He is so much company for me and if I ever get used to his desire to lick me for endless periods of time, our relationship will be perfect.

On the 21st of this month it will be one year since Wanda died. I miss her more that I can express with words.

This will be a brief posting but I do want to include a painting that I did yesterday. It is on a 16 x 20 canvas and was done with only two colors. Midnight Black and Bright Red. I did prep the canvas with liquid white which I also used for the water lines. It was fun to do and would have been one to add to my class list. Here is the finished product:


I do hope that some of you will give this a try. Send me a picture of the finished product.

I did the clouds with the large fan brush and faded them with the 2″ brush. All of the bushes are done with the half round but you could use a 1″ just as easily. Tap in the back and highlight with pure red. Scratch in some branches and do the trees with thinned black using the script liner.  The ground at the bottom left is black applies with the knife and the highlight is a mixture of MNB and BR with a tiny amount of Liquid White.

I am looking forward to seeing your rendition of this one.

Stay well…. Keep painting….. Love your neighbors.



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