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September 14, 2019


I have been procrastinating on preparing this blog as the issue I have been pondering is not insignificant. But, the decision has been made and this will likely be my very last Joy of Painting with Pat posting.

For the past several months I have been struggling with a good deal of body pain, primarily in my legs and feet. It follows me around no matter how I try to ease it. You will not be surprised when I tell you that after spending two to four hours on my feet while teaching classes, the pain increases proportionately. It has even reached the point where I am reluctant to go to the studio to paint for myself.

So, I have made the decision to return my garage to a two car unit and that will involve tearing down the studio. Effective immediately, I will no longer be offering any Joy of Painting classes. Over the past 26 years I have taught thousands one or more JOP sessions. And anyone who knows me knows that I love the group that now is a part of my teaching life. Please know that I will miss our association. You have made me a very proud instructor and in more ways than you may ever know, have made my life complete.

All things eventually come to an end, even the good ones. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your artistic life.

Pat Alsup


PS: Anyone who has a pre-paid gift certificate or a paid class that for some reason you failed to take, please contact me and I will see that you are reimbursed.


Finally, it would not be right to leave out my last group of students, so here is a recap of each of the classes I have taught since my last posting:

August 7th  Hadlee Zuercher returned after a long absence and we experimented with the Northern Lights: She did so well. I love to see her smile when the class is completed:

20190807 Hadlee Zuercher 014

Aug 9th:  Painting the Rocky Mountains is a huge task.  Jayden Henkelman has no fear and did an excellent job on this one.

20190809 J Henkelman's Rockies 014

On the 11th of August I had three sisters paint together. Brianna, Megan and Shannon Beard came to Twin Falls from the Boise Valley to experience the Joy of Painting. We had a great time and they did really well.


Ellery Rowlands was back in the studio on August 12. (As you can see, August was a very busy month) and she too loved painting the Northern Lights

20190812 Ellery Rowlands 011

August 15 brought Luke Carlson back to the studio and as you can see, the subject was a familiar one.

20190805 Luke Carlson's N. Lights 011

August 17th found a beautiful couple in the studio. Jay Horner of West Jordan, UT and his lovely girlfriend Ciara Petersen who lives here in Twin shared a date class. I did my best to help them paint beautiful mountains and worked on promoting the romance a little. I hope that works out!

20190817 Horner Petersen 025

Eliza Lee was the first to paint my youth version of Fisherman’s Paradise. This was on August 22nd.

20190822 Eliza Lee 015

Then, on the 23rd of August, Jayden Henkelman painted the adult version of Fisherman’s Paradise. This was so challenging and turned out so well.

20190823 Jayden Henkelman 012

On August 26th, Clair Hardesty tried her hand at the short version of Fisherman’s Paradise. Beautiful!

20190826 Clair Hardesty 010

On the 27th of August I met April Wiggins for the first time and it was a successful afternoon. This was her first painting ever.

220190826 April Wiggins 020

My last class in August was on the 29th and was with the father/daughter team of Michael and Leah Francom. This was their second time painting together. Look at those smiles.

20190829 Michael & Leah Francom 020

September has been less busy. On the 7th Jayden Henkelman wjphas been a regular in the studio for the past few months had been asking to do cabins, so this was the result.

20190907 Jayden Henkelman 012

And finally, on the 8th I taught was will be my last class to April Wiggins and her son Jacobi. This was a part of his 7th birthday celebration.


Thanks to each of you. I hope that you all are able to continue to further your love of the arts. And please know that there is a special place in my heart for all of you.

Pat Alsup CRI®

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