June was rewarding but oh so difficult.

July 2, 2019

It is July 2nd and I have yet to write my Joy of Painting Blog. I am delayed with good excuse as every spare moment of the last part of the month was devoted almost entirely completing the arrangements for Wanda’s Celebration of Life. On the 28th of June many of our friends came to share in this occasion and for that I am most grateful. It went well, as did the spreading of her cremains the following day. With luck the video that our friend Mike Chapton shot with his drone will be posted on my You Tube Page I hope you enjoy it. This is at the overlook at Galena Summit, one of the most beautiful spots in Idaho and certainly one of Wanda’s favorite views. To view the video please click HERE

I will be working on a special page on the site to honor Wanda and will let you know when it is completed.

Let’s review June’s classes:

My first class was on June 4th when Ellery Rowlands demonstrated her progress with this reflection painting… Turned out real well, don’t you think?

20190604 Ellery Rowlands 019

Jayden Henkelman has become one of my most active students and on the 8th of June we decided that doing a huge waterfall would be in order. He knocked the ball out of the park on this one!


Ayda Bowman is one of my most senior young students. This day (June 15th) was the anniversary date of her second ever painting. We decided to do a mountain panorama and as is to be expected with this young lady, the result was outstanding!

20190615 Ayda Bowman Mtn Panorama 013

On June 19th, I had two new students. The brothers Heider (Jacob and Sawyer) had an enthusiastic introduction to the Joy of Painting. Yes folks, this is their first painting…

20190619 Heider Bros 019

Luke Carlson is another of my young students who has made a commitment to learn the Joy of Painting techniques and as you can see, on this June 20th session we worked on clouds and snow covered mountains..  We had hoped to do more trees but just ran out of painting time…

20190620 Luke Carlson 010

June 22nd found Jayden Henkelman back in the studio for another training session. Isn’t it great that they can come to practice and go home with paintings that look like this? By the way, this was also Jayden’s birthday….

20190622 Jayden Henkelman 009

The 24th of the month found Clair Hardesty returning for additional training. This young lady is so quiet in class and I thought it would be fun to use come colors that really shouted out at us.  Well done Clair!

20190624 Clair Hardesty 015

My last teaching day for June was on the 25th. Jake Stone is an avid Bob Ross fan and for part of his birthday his wife arranged for him to take his first painting lesson. I have to say, he had been paying attention to the Joy of Painting videos as this masterpiece took very little instruction on my part. I do hope to see this gentleman back in the studio. Perhaps on a date night with his wife.

20190625 Jake Stone 015


Student of the Month honors go to Jake Stone.  Not only did he do a nice painting and have a good deal of knowledge regarding the technique but on the areas where he needed instruction, he was very attentive and did a good job of applying what he was shown.  Congratulations Jake !


Yes, I am scheduling classes for July. I need to be busy which will help me keep my mind off of Wanda’s passing. I know that she does not want me moping around the house, so give me a call.







All good reasons to paint….. See you soon.

Pat Alsup CRI®


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