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March Newsletter

February was a busy and productive month. Each of the classes I taught had positive aspects. I can see real improvement in those who are repeat students and the quality of the paintings produced was excellent. I know that several of the youth paintings will be featured in this year’s Art and Soul competition. I look forward to seeing lots of positive results from these entry’s.

Classes Held

On February 2nd, Jayden Henkleman returned for his second lesson. This young man (I think he is 11) is so jacked up about painting and I look forward to some positive growth this year. His mother (Dottie) is very supportive. He told me that he is putting together a small studio area in his home. Watch for his progress. This is the painting he completed in this class:  You can see more of his class pictures HERE.

20190202 Henkleman, Jayden 014

February 6th was another rewarding day for me. Sam Kauffman returned for his third class and we decided that he was up to a larger challenge. Painting reflections can be a real test of one’s perception. Here we decided to paint the reflection of a mountain in the water. To do this we first paint the mountain and when it is time to do the reverse image, we turn the canvas upside down and then do the opposite of the original. He did great and this is a painting all would be proud to have hanging on their wall. Have a look and if you want to see the class photo’s they are right HERE.

20190206 Kauffman, Sam 014 - Copy

On the 7th, I hosted a calss for Tara Hansen and Donna Erickson. These two friends have so much fun in class. This is there second time painting together and each did so with a gift certificate from the other. As you will see, they did the same painting that Sam did on the 6th. They were able to pick their own colors and I have no problem with students doing this….  After all, it is THEIR world. Look at more of their class photo’s HERE.

20190207 Hansen Erickson 031

Just two days later (Feb 9th) Kyleigh Gratzer was a first time student and, again, came to the studio as a result of a Christmas Gift Certificate. She is 12 and has done a lot of painting, but never with oils. I started here with a more advances painting and she did really well. I do hope that this young lady returns. She is a talent. Have a look at her class photo’s… HERE

20190209 Gratzer, Kyleigh 017a

Tara Hansen loves to paint and she returned for a second February class on the 13th. Most of her work previously was on a 12 x 16 canvas. Today we went larger, working with more space and practicing the application of snow on a mountain. It is a learned skill and Tara is a quick study. Watching her progress photo by photo is fun.. They are right HERE.


I teach any day of the week and as often as I can fit students in. With only a two day break Ellelrly Rowlands for her third class. Most of my sessions involve my painting an example showing the individual steps. I paint, they watch and then they do what I did… Simple enough. On February 15th I can say with complete honesty that the students painting was better than my sample. How did that make me feel?  EMBARRASED….NOT ONE BIT…   PROUD… ABSOLUTELY.  This was a great teaching day. Have a look at the photos of that days adventure HERE.

220190215 Ellery Rowlands 019

On the next day, February 16th, Jayden Henkleman was back for his third learning experience. We are now looking at a schedule where he will paint twice a month Jayden has such a good attitude. He enjoys every second in the class, is always attentive and does his best to do each technique correctly. That pays dividends as you can see with today’s finished painting. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Check out the last pictures on his web page.  CLICK  HERE.

20190216 Jayden Henkelman 013

February 22nd. Ayda Bowman is another of my regular students and she will have an entry in Art and Soul. The one she did today focused on making buildings. They are a challenge. She is always up to whatever test I put before her. This young lady is now taking the adult classes. That is progress. This is the LINK to her web page.

20190222 Ayda Bowman 025

Paul Marsh received a gift certificate from his wife for Valentine’s Day. This couple is preparing for retirement and she thought painting might be a good hobby for him to pursue when that day comes. What a great student he turned out to be. If so inclined this February 23rd student can do well with the Joy of Painting technique. LOOK HERE

20190223 Paul Marsh 040

On the last day of the month Leah Francom came in with a request to do something that she could enter in the Art and Soul competition. Leah had painted twice before. Once with her Dad and she is a really good little painter. When you attend the Art and Soul showings, look for her painting. It is an eye catcher.  When you look at her web page you will find that I am now trying to put video shorts showing students in action. This is my first try at that. SEE IT HERE.

20190228 Leah Francom 013


Picking one student for this recognition continues to be one of my more difficult assignments. This month, like many before it, has more than one person that could be chosen. I look for several things including: The quality of their painting(s). How well they watched how I loaded the brushes and copied the way the brush touches the canvas. Their general attitude and their enthusiasm is also a factor.

This month my choice for the Student of the Month is Jayden Henlkeman. Congratulations young man.

20190302 Jayden Henkelman 032 - Copy


As previously mentioned the annual Art and Soul completion is coming soon. Youth entries are only $10.00 and I hope that my students come home with a ton of cash. I know that those who look at their paintings with do a lot of Ooohing  as  they will stand out as winners. But win or lose, the most important thing is to compete It makes me happy that so many are proud enough of their work to display it for the public. I know that attendees will be impressed with the Joy of Painting entries. I hope that every one of you will attend and please vote. There are lots of different venues and so many different types of artistic work displayed. I am entering again this year. It will not be one of my paintings but a large Synthetic Ceramic piece. I call it “My Best Work” and is a collage of many of my students with their paintings. There was not room to include all I would have liked to, but it is representative of what all of you do. I hope you like it. Not sure yet where it will be on display but will let you know. Here is a sneak peak at the tile:


Sadly I don’t paint very much for myself. I did work to develop a few paintings for my student base and tried a couple of new things just to mix things up. Here are some of them.


I want to remind you that I have a small (and dwindling) supply of used brushes and knives that I will sell at an excellent price. They all have lots of paintings remaining in them. I do carry a limited supply of new brushes and can order in additional ones that I sell for a lot less than you will find in the stores. The same is true of the liquid bases, paints and any of the other Bob Ross supplies.

I am currently trying a different brand of canvas. It costs me a bit more than what I pay for my current classroom canvas, but I hope will be worth it. The canvas I have been using is good, but sometimes requires an additional amount of liquid base or  gesso. As I have limited space I am going to sell some of the canvas that is being replaced and you can benefit by this. I have some 12 x 16 that will sell for $3.50 each or if you buy 3 it will be $9.00 (plus tax). There are also 16 x 20’s that are on sale for $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00 (plus tax). Let me know if you want some of these.  And please don’t forget that we carry a pretty nice selection of frames in several different sizes. These are nice frames and very affordable.


I guess the last thing I should mention is that I was selected by Airbnb to be an event provider. That means that I will be scheduling classes further in advance for people visiting the Magic Valley. I hope this works. It will be important for each of you to plan ahead and reserve those dates that you want to be in the studio.


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