Reviewing January (and more)

February 1, 2019

I want to begin this update by recognizing all of those who took a class in the first month of 2019. It was a busy month. My first student in January was Sam Kauffman and he was followed (in order of the classes) by Adam Hompland, Hailee and Clint Freeman, Raven Archer, Tammy King, Megan Peacock & Elsie Summerfield, Chris Sant, Jayden Henkelman, Dan Scrimpsher, Will Couch and my last class was with the Ficklin sisters (Chloe & Ella).

Let’s have a look at the completed paintings for each of these classes.


Student of the Month

It seems that each month the decision as to who receives this recognition becomes more difficult. Each of those listed above really did a fine job on their paintings. My two most senior students (Dan Scrimpsher & Will Couch) had exceptional paintings but as you will see, when I factored in all of the consideration elements, Adam Hompland was my choice. CLICK HERE to see his class pictures. CONGRATULATIONS ADAM!

20190103 Adam Hompland 021

Web Site Modification

In addition to inputting all of the class information, this month I added an entirely new section which I call Articles. This will be a category is to present various items which relate to Bob Ross or the Wet on Wet Technique. My first entry is an article titled “Things You Don’t Know About Bob Ross” which is really interesting and the second is one showing the statistics on how often Bob included things such as trees, clouds, cabins, people, etc in his paintings. I think you will find that interesting. Here is a link to the Articles category:  CLICK HERE


Valentine’s Day will be here in just two weeks. If you are wanting to buy your special someone (husband, wife, significant other, or just a good friend) a gift that will be remembered for a very long time, maybe even a lifetime, then a gift certificate for you and that person might be the perfect choice.

Valentines Day

This is an offer limited to just the Adult Classes and if you purchase the special Valentine Coupon you can save $20.00. That’s right, normally a class for one person is $55.00 and that includes the 4 hour session (approximately), the canvas, use of brushes and paints. You will leave the class with a completed painting. So, for two students the cost is normally $110.00 but the price for a Valentine Date Night Coupon is only $90.00. This offer lasts only until February 14th but you will be able to redeem the coupon anytime in the future. For more information give me a call at 208-539-7732.


I know that several of you have already submitted your entry for this year’s Art and Soul completion. I know that a number of my young students have an excellent chance of winning in their age group.  I think they have cash prizes for the first three finishers in each division. Youth entry fees are only $12.00. For complete information on the show go to


Parent Child Classes

Are a real treat for all involved and I really encourage them. They take about an hour (or maybe a little longer). The adult gets to paint at the youth price and each of you go home with a completed painting. My experience has been that both parties love the experience. I think it builds a lasting memory of a fun, positive event. Please consider painting with your child and while doing so, check out these smiles:


This month has the look of being busy.. Many have already called about setting up classes. I have some parents who are reserving days on a continuing basis, so finding prime painting times may become more of a challenge. I will continue to offer as many days and hours as possible but making arrangements a good bit in advance is an excellent idea…

Until Next Time….. HAPPY PAINTING.

Pat Alsup CRI®

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