November was full of happenings…

December 7, 2018

Here we are in the final month of 2018 and I am busy trying to figure out where the year has gone. More than that, maybe someone can explain how the past 78 have slipped by in such a rush?

November has been a blast even though my class total is below the summers’ average. The quality of my students work continues at a very high level. There have been new students along with those returning for additional instruction and fun. Let’s have a quick peek at who was here.

The first class was on the first day of November when Kathy Hanson came for a second Joy of Painting experience. She has seen a painting displayed at our Twin Falls “Art in the Park” booth this past summer and wanted to have a go at it. Unfortunately we are not sure which painting it was. This might be it, or close to what she wanted to do.

On the 10th, Jonah Hepworth returned for a second class. It was a ‘family day[‘ event as his mother, Joanne, painted with him. This was her first time in the studio and her first time painting in the “{wet on wet” style. They had a terrific time and as you can see, their smiles reflect that.

Ayda Bowman is a regular in the studio. Last month you saw all of the work she did in her 5 day youth workshop but in addition to painting at home, she is still expanding her skills in the studio. On this day she did a really beautiful painting with mountains reflected in the lake. Tricky to do, but she did it well. (Check our her new Bob Do)

November 16th was really special for me. Many years ago, Denise was a lovely young girl in our neighborhood. She would stop by from time to time to see check on what Wanda and I were doing. Now she is grown, has children of her own and is also a lady with good artistic skills. She stays busy with a varied array of craft activities including getting back into water colors. She has never done any ‘wet on wet” oil painting and is determined to learn it as well. As you can see, she made an excellent start and I look forward to showing her much more.

The last part of the month saw the return of Andrea Bucher to the studio. She and her husband, Todd, had painted once before. And, her son Tyson has had several classes. Daughter Gracie has also been a student. Andrea convinced her friend Jana Petersen to take a 5 day adult workshop with her. Jana had not painted previously. The workshops involves a morning session where they  learn the various techniques of loading the brush and then touching the canvas at the proper angle and pressure that then result in clouds, mountains, trees, waterfalls, etc. After a break for lunch, they then complete a painting using the practiced strokes. Each day we add new techniques using the same format. I will have a feature on the workshop in the January blog as it is not yet complete. However, here are the results of their first two workshops.



STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  One can usually make a case for several to qualify for the month’s honoree and it was no different this time. After a good deal of reflection, my pick for November is Kathy Hanson. Check it out HERE.

Christmas is only days away but there is still time to purchase Joy of Painting Gift Certificates. They make great gifts for kids, adults, family and friends. The student has a great time and goes home with a painting that they can be proud of forever! You can pay without coming to the studio and I still have time to mail the certificates to you..  Call or text me at 208-539-7732.

Wanda and I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas.

Pat Alsup CRI®

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