Celebrating Four Years

It is nearly impossible to comprehend but in just a few days Wanda and I will have been back in Twin Falls a total of 75,920 days. Do the math folks!  That equates to 208 weeks! Yep… 4 years in the land of four seasons. We loved our time in Arizona but it has been nice being back in Idaho where we are closer to our boys.

The time has been good to us. We have rekindled relationships with acquaintances accumulated during the 19 years we lived here previously AND we have developed so many new relationships with students and their families. Speaking of students, my teaching schedule has changed pretty dramatically. When I began offering classes we strove to have 12 students in every class and we tried very hard to hold classes 5 or 6 days each week. At that time all of the sessions lasted about 4 hours and were directed at individuals 12 years or older. When we moved here I decided that my body would not hold up under that kind of schedule. We decided to devote about half of our garage to studio. That meant a dramatically smaller teaching area and classes would be limited to no more than two per session. I love these personalized, private classes. In the past year my student base grown with the addition of youth classes catering to kids as young as six. Developing a youth program has been one of the most rewarding things I have done as a Certified Bob Ross Instructor®.

Speaking of my young students, now that school has started, those sessions have slowed down A LOT! That means I now have time for you moms who can paint while their kiddies are in school.

Gift Certificates

If you are looking for ideas as to what you can get those special to you for the upcoming Christmas season, please consider a gift certificate or maybe even several. Just this week I held a class to Jonah Hepworth and his grandmother Joanne Hepworth who both cashed in their certificates from last Christmas. As you can see, they did well and have a lasting family memory.

20181110 Hepworth 024

You can see more of their class photo’s by CLICKING HERE.

OK, enough reflection on days past. Lets talk about what is happening now at Brush Stroke Studio.


The honors for October went to Janet Milligan who is proving herself to be an excellent student. She is very deserving. HERE is a link to her  November class. Congratulations Janet!


Last month I concluded my first youth workshop which was a huge success. Congratulations to Ayda Bowman for completing this. Ayda is now painting at home and I have seen some of the work she is doing alone. It is excellent!

I have an Adult Workshop scheduled for the last part of November. It will have two students one of which has never had a class from me. It will be fun to keep you advised as to how well they do. For additional information about workshops CLICK HERE.

These are the paintings that the workshop students will complete in the five day session.



Wanda and I were recently honored by the Magic Valley Arts Council by being selected to display work in an exhibition featuring twelve Full Moon Gallery Guest Artists.  The event kicks off on November 15th with an Artist Reception and Open House. Wanda and I will be there to greet all who attend and we do hope that you will be in that group. The open house runs from 5 pm to 7 pm and is at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts. That address is 195 River Vista Place, Twin Falls. We are humbled by the invitation. Hope you can come and enjoy all of the work displayed.

Deck the Walls


I am always working on new paintings. Some just to sell but most of them are pieces that we can do in a class. Maybe you would be interested in completing one of these?

IMG_E9280IMG_9208 - CopyMountain Scene on Wood GrainNight FireCanadian Rockies


I am sure that many of you receive the Canyon Community Corner, an exclusive magazine serving the residents of the Twin Falls area. This month the feature article spotlighted the contributions that Dan and Sonja Willie have made to our fine community. They are a remarkable couple and the recognition is certainly earned. There is also a piece about Wanda and I as it relates to our Joy of Painting journey. If you have not received the magazine, here is a copy of the article.

Spotlight page 1Spotlight page 2



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