It has been much too long…….

August 13, 2018

I have been negligent these past 60 days and must apologize for not keeping this blog current. It has been a busy summer, some traveling and then there are the responsibilities of lawn care and helping my kids with projects. That’s it. Apology complete!  Let me catch you up.

I mentioned that I have been busy with classes and want to recognize those students. Some are first time students and others you will remember from previous mailings:

June 18th saw Kathy and Richard Goddard here for a date night. What fun that was


Then, on the 21st of June, Tyson Bucher began a youth workshop where we worked with some of the fundamentals of the Ross technique. We are still in the process of competing this, but here are some photo’s from our time together:

June 29th  had two sisters in the studio. You will remember Alalynn Zaldivar and her sister Iliana. Both are such talented young ladies.

2018-06-29 16.32.24


July began with first time student Dana Lieu who was here on the 4th and she showed real abilities.

On July 5th Tara Hansen of Kitchen Tune-Up tried her hand at a seascape

2018-07-05 11.57.12

Skip to the 10th where Hailee Freeman came for her first painting experience

One day later (July 11th) young Sara Cutler showed me that she has a yen to be an artist. She has no fear and proved it on canvas

July 13th found another young lady in the studio. Meet Mayalei Yates who as you can see received a birthday gift certificate. This is a gift that will never be forgotten.

2018-07-13 17.11.04

You might be thinking that I allow only girls into the studio. That just is not true. This young man (Sam Kauffman) did an excellent job when he was here on the 17th of July.

2018-07-17 11.04.44

On the 19th Ayda Bowman returned for another lesson. This is another young lady with a real hankering to become a skilled artist. Watch for her in the future

2018-07-19 11.23.21

July 20th was very special to me. Lily Emery came to class with her father Curtis. This was my first father/daughter class since coming back to Idaho and it is so rewarding to see parents sitting at the easel with their kids. I look forward to more of these

2018-07-20 19.17.46

Earlier in the day, I had another first time youngster showing her ability to paint. This is Maqlynn Lancaster

The remainder of the month I took some days to assist my son with the construction of a patio at his home. Wanda and I also participated in the Twin Falls Art in the Park where we met many new potential students, sold some artwork and did some demonstration paintings which we gave away in periodic drawings. I also had my young student Ayda Bowman stop by to do a quick demonstration painting. Here are some photos from the park.

After our event in the Park, I went to Cody Wyo for my 60th high school class reunion. I also did some demonstration paintings there and even had a drawing for a free class. Don Brown from Fairbanks Alaska won and had a great time playing in the paint.

Once back, I jumped right back into classes beginning. On August 8th Tara Hansen had purchased a birthday gift certificate for her friend and fellow Kitchen Tune-Up proprietor Donna Erickson. This was Donna’s first painting experience and what fun they had:

Early on the 9th, Sara Cutler returned for her third class and again demonstrated her ability to watch, listen and then apply what I teach to the canvas. Trust me, she will be good!2018-08-09 14.21.20

On the evening of the 9th we had another date night class. Rhett Larsen arrived with his wife Cassis but had no idea where he was headed or what he would be doing. He is a Bob Ross fan and she surprised him with a special birthday gift. They did great!

I find it interesting that the last class I reported on in my previous blog was that of Janet Milligan. And she fills the same spot on this blog. Janet was here on the 10th to recreate on canvas a photo she had sent me earlier. We worked it out while painting. That was a great experience for both of us. I look forward to doing more of this.

Each month I select one student who I feel has done exceptionally well as my “Student of the Month”. In June that person was Ayda Bowman and she was very deserving..

And now, I am announcing the July recipient. My choice is Dana Lieu. Congratulations Dana! You have skills that I hope you will develop.

This has been a long, long report and I promise that I will not be as long between mailings.

Happy Painting…

Pat Alsup  CRI®

4 thoughts on “It has been much too long…….

  1. Pat…You are a very patient, talented teacher. I know from past experience as I watched you work with senior citizens who had never tried anything “artistic” and took home their masterpieces. Who knew that the heavyweight wrestler and the CHS Bronc lineman had a softer side?

  2. You can see in their eyes how much they love painting and their lessons with you…what a gift.

    1. I know they like it. What they may not realize is that I probably like teaching them even more!

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