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June 15, 2018

It has been only 8 days since I last sat here to work on the blog. Since then, it has been a tad busy.  Wanda and I have been doing some painting but our surfaces were larger. Recently we had kitchen counter tops replaced and new facing on the cabinets. Naturally our old paint was not exactly what we wanted so I applied two coats on those walls. I used brushes larger than we paint with, so that was not too bad…  The problem came after we were done. YEP, WE DIDN’T LIKE THE COLOR. The walls now have extra coats of paint, but we are happy…

On another personal note, I celebrated my 78th birthday and want to thank many of you for the good wishes.  Now back to the real reason for this missive.

June 12th

Ayda Bowman was back in the studio for her second class. She first painted here about 6 months ago and proved herself to be a good student. Now that the school activities will afford her more time her Dad is hoping we can find a couple of dates each month for her to learn. I am very proud of what she did this time. If you want, you can see all of the class photos HERE but this is the end result. Way to go Ayda!

2018-06-12 13.32.52

June 13th

Gracie Bucher returned for her second lesson and brought with her a cousin from Utah. Hannah Fares, like Gracie, is only 8 and this was her first time taking a class. These girls certainly had fun, as did their instructor. Painting is supposed to be fun and we try to keep the atmosphere here pretty loose. Still, students are paying to learn so I try to be sure that even we being silly, it is a learning process. If you look at the class pictures (CLICK HERE) you can see them in action. And below, meet Gracie and Hannah.


2018-06-13 16.35.07

June 14th

This was another day to teach lesson # 2.   Janet Milligan was here in May to take her first Joy of Painting lesson. Janet loves to paint and has some good skills. We think they can be improved upon. I told her when she left that it makes me really proud with the students” painting is better than the teachers. I am going to show you both paintings and you will see what I mean. If you want to look at all of the class photo’s you can do that HERE


Every month I pick a student who I think has done well in all aspects of classes. I consider the painting they did, how well they listened in class, how hard they worked to translate what they saw me do to their paint strokes. It is not always easy to make these decisions and for the first time in a very long time, we have a tie.

Adalynn Zaldivar brought her older sister, Iliana, to class. This was Adalynn’s 3rd session and the first for sis. Look at their paintings and you will see a lot of talent emerging here. Congratulations girls!

2018-05-22 19.06.10

CLASS TIMES for the summer months are beginning to fill. I will be out of town for 3 weeks or so over the next 3 months and that cuts into things a bit. So, if you are thinking of a class or series of classes, now would be a good time to schedule.

Happy Painting.






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