It has been a busy week!

May 12 2018

Let me begin by wishing all of you who are mothers, the best of the day dedicated to all that you do. As I reflect on our life with children, it is with humility that I admit being in awe of my wife for all that she has done and sacrificed for our boys and for me these past 50 odd years. I certainly don’t tell her often enough but I do know and understand. So, let it be known that respect each of you. Happy Mothers Day!


Since we last visited, I have been busy with classes. One was a returning student, back for her 4th class and two were new youth student sessions. Today I had a class for adults with new students. I am taking tomorrow off with plans to be nice to my wife.

This past Wednesday Sara Cutler came for her first class. Sara is 10 and loves to draw. She had no experience with any type of oil painting but her mother was certain that she would enjoy painting here. And… She Did… And…. She did a terrific job. I am attaching a link to her page on the site HERE.  And here she is with her first painting:


Addi Zaldivar returned for her 4th class on this past Thursday. She is making great strides and I credit two things for this. First and foremost, even at the young age of 6, she has a great ability to focus on the instruction. I think this is because she really want to be an artist. Second, her classes are not spaced so far apart that she has time to unlearn the skills already developed. Each time we meed new elements are added to the paintings but we still use what she had done previously. This is almost as good as being able to practice at home. In fact it might be better because sometimes when we work on our own, we can develop bad habits. (I speak as an experienced expert here) The link to Addi’s last class is here.. And below is this weeks painting. She is with her older sister who also wants to begin learning this technique.


I love it when I have little or no time to rest between classes and on Friday MaqLynn Lancaster who is 8 years of age came for her first ever painting class. I am not sure if she or her mother was the most excited about the class happening. I am sure of this though… Both of them were super excited and proud with the painting they took home. And I am betting that when Dad saw it, he was as well. You can see here class by CLICKING HERE.  This is why she was so pleased. Note: check the signature. She loved it so much that she decided to sign it with a heart!

2018-05-11 12.09.23

And that brings us to this morning when a mother and daughter drove over from Detrich for their first Joy of Painting experienced. Valerie Hansen and Addi Mumm  came for an adult session. Normally I set aside 4 hours for these classes. Sometimes they run long but today we finished in a little less that 3. I was still able to work with them at a practice canvass. I like doing that so they don’t have to try more challenging techniques on their canvas without some practice. Addi was a little on the sleepy side but she hung in there and as you will see, they did well. CHECK IT OUT

2018-05-12 12.33.29

So, tomorrow I rest. Well, I might paint a little just for me, but there are no more classes scheduled until Monday.  As more and more of you spread the word and speak well of the classes, my class schedule gets busier. Thank you so much for that. I do have open days on the 16th and 17th, so if you have an itch to paint, give me a call.

Keep your brushes clean.

Pat Alsup    CRI®

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