Two Return and One More New Student

Hello Joy of Painting Enthusiasts. It is Sunday evening and I have enjoyed a busy last few days. Of course the weather is finally beginning to feel like Spring which is perfect for a guy that loves to spend time working in his yard. Our pressurized irrigation water arrived two days ago and in the dark of early morning my sprinkler system will be adding moisture to the grass. My son has so much green grass and I am “green with envy”. Need to catch up.

Speaking of catching up, I have three students that have been with me since our last conversation. As the title indicates two are returnees and one took his first class. Let’s begin with Kaydee H who you will remember showed up for a class on April 13th that I was not prepared for. She graciously agreed to come back at a later day. This was to be her third session with me and she is ready to step up her game. I had prepared a painting with more difficulty knowing that she would be up to the challenge. We added snow on the mountain which takes a very light touch and pine trees that she picked up on in just a couple of tries. Kaydee has a very light touch with the brush and that worked out perfect for this painting:

Well done young lady. You have an excellent painting career ahead of you.

My second returning student was the young 6 1/2 year old dynamo Addy Zaldivar . I understand that she has no goal in life beyond becoming an artist. In fact if you ask her now she will tell you that SHE IS AN ARTIST. I am not going to argue that with her and might add that she is a very cute, intelligent and a bit of a “pistol” kind of artist. She was in the door and immediately headed to the studio. There was no time for hello’s or idle chit chat. She wanted to paint. Keep in mind that this is only her second class and the painting was completed in just over one hour. Well done Adalynn

And today 11 year old Jasper Hofland from Filer, ID arrived for his first painting class. Jasper comes from a family who have a history of drawing and painting. He has concentrated mostly on pencil drawing and tells me that birds, deer and elk are his favorite subjects. I hope he will bring me examples of his work for me to share with all of you. In the meantime, let me share today’s painting with you:

You can see more of Jasper’s class pictures HERE

When one has not painted before, looking at the example of the days painting can make one a little anxious and he gulped a little at the beginning. It was not long, however, before he settled into a comfort mode and by the end of the session was very much at ease and ready to take on his next challenge. I look forward to having all of these young people back in the studio.

I just looked at my schedule for the remainder of the week and so far I have only one more class scheduled. This is one that we had to defer from a week ago. It will be his first class. More on that in the next posting.

Until then….. Happy Painting!

Pat Alsup

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