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April 14, 2018

The month got off to a bit of a slow start but my phone is beginning to ring again and the calendar is starting to fill. I want to apologize to Kaydee H who showed up for a class that I apparently forgot to notate and I was not ready to teach. In fact, I was laying new flooring in the kitchen. She was so understanding and will be in the studio in two days. Thank you young lady for being so understanding.

Yesterday evening I had a six and 1/2 year old dynamo in class for her first painting. Adalynn Zaldivar is a pistol. Armed with the brightest of smiles, a great outgoing personality and a can do attitude she had a wonderful first session. Just take a look at this face when the class was completed:

2017-09-01 20.48.11Yes, she did have that much fun…Now check out her class photos HERE.  This was a youth class which takes around an hour.

Today we had a much longer session with a mother daughter combination. A few days ago Catalina Hansen took a youth class with her cousin and today returned with her mother Tara, for a more advanced session. Adult classes last about 4 hours and really involve more learning and more advanced paintings. I love to brag on the results that my Joy of Painting family achieve and can easily do that today. You can judge for yourself by CLICKING HERE!

Both of them wore smiles of satisfaction as well. Meet Tara and Catalina Hansen:

Tomorrow I will be preparing a new painting for  Kaydee. Not sure yet what it will be, but you can bet that she will do a fine job with it… See you soon.

Pat Alsup.

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