Two New Videos

March 1, 2018

I managed to get my movie editing program up and running so have spent part of this day working on a couple of videos. The first one is about 3 minutes long and addresses how to apply liquid clear to a canvas. That is something that we have not done in a class and while it is not difficult, unless done properly can cause you some real problems while painting.

The second one is longer. It is the video I shot while painting the class on seascapes that I developed for my younger students. I call it Youth Seascape.. Original, don’t you think. Both of them can be found on the web site in the Video heading. Or you can go there now by Clicking Here.

My next class is on Saturday. I am looking forward to having Mara Evans back in class. She is one of my youngest students. I will be sharing her next piece with you then.

Pat Alsup CRI®

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