Student of the Month

February 28, 2018

I know, the time just seems to fly by. For me it is probably because teaching classes is so much fun. In any case, it is time to release the name of this months honoree.

I had a couple of students this month that could have garnered the distinction of being February’s Student of the Month. After weighing all of the factors, Anika Slagowski worked her way to the top of the list. As a first time student, Anika displayed so much enthusiasm and confidence. Much of that probably can be attributed to her love of the television series, The Joy of Painting which she has watches for a long time. When her mom, Candace learned that I gave classes here, she called at once to schedule time in the studio. They both attended and as you will see in a bit, both did well. Not only that, but we had so much fun. Just so you know, it is not all work when we paint. Lots of laughter filled the room that day. As I was explaining various techniques, Anika would add knowledgeable comments anticipating what I was going to say next…

And, she was an excellent student, paying close attention to how the brushes were loaded  and then how they touched the canvas for each different effect. Equally important, she was very good at applying what she saw to her canvas. Below you will see Anika with her painting as well as she and her Mom together..

If you would like to see more pictures from their class just CLICK HERE.

I look to see both of them in another class in the very near future.


Beginning tomorrow, I am starting a program where you can earn a free painting class. Most of my students come to me via word of mouth as well as referrals from those who have had classes with me. Now anyone can earn a class just by sending a new student my way. You don’t have to have been a student or even one who paints. Here is what it takes.

For every new student that comes to me as a result of your effort, you earn one point toward the 5 required to paint free. They can be kids in my youth section as well as adults. They need to have some type of referral slip so I will know who to credit and it must be presented prior to their class. They can accompany you or even be complete strangers. You send them, you get credit.. And once you have earned your free class, you can use it to paint, or give it to someone else..

The referral slip must have the name of the person you are referring plus your name, address, phone number and if you want an e-mail address. I will notify you each time you earn a point. Below is a sample of what I am suggesting:

If you would like me to send you forms to use, just e-mail me and I will attach the form so you can print it. If you have questions, let me know:  208-539-7732 or jopwithpat@gmail.comNew Student Referral Form

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