A New Painting Emerges

February 26, 2018

Kadee H. returned to the studio today for her second class. She is proving to be a very good student as she listens carefully, is not afraid to question what and why I have made the choices on the painting. And she often catches me in technical details which is really good. She has a very good eye and a good idea as to how she wants her painting to look. At her first class I made it very clear that when painting it was her world and her painting should reflect her personality.

So today, we began with this as the sample painting:

20180216 Haderlie, Kadee 010As the class progressed we talked about different possibilities, some I suggested and some developed as a result of her input. All were done with her OK, for after all, it is her world. While the color scheme did not change (I already had paint out to use) the painting certainly did and what we ended up with I have titled Kadee’s Sunset:


Here is what my final painting ended up looking like:  It is one that I will keep for upcoming classes20180216 Haderlie, Kadee 008.


Now, let’s have a look at Kadee’s page:  It is on the Joy of Painting With Pat web site and while there, please have a look around.  CLICK HERE.

As tomorrow is filled with personal activities, there will be no classes and as of now I have nothing scheduled for the 28th. So, if you or someone you know is interested in a class, this is an excellent time to give me a call. 208-539-7732.

On March 1st I will be announcing a new incentive program where you can earn FREE PAINTING CLASSES. Stay tuned for that.

Till next time,

Pat Alsup CRI®

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