These just had to be framed!

February 18, 2018

Today at 1:00 pm, my doorbell rang and two really nice ladies arrived for their first Joy of Painting class. Candace Slagowski and her daughter Anika were right on time and as is the case with first time students stepped into the studio not knowing exactly what to expect. Anika had worked some with acrylics and water colors but never with oil. She, however, is a huge Bob Ross fan and was even wearing a pair of Ross socks. She had that knowledge working for her. On the other hand, Mom was not so sure she could paint at all but was here to share in the experience.

I always have fun teaching these classes, but this was an extra special day as both ladies soon were very relaxed and each step we took gave them more confidence. By 2:30 it was as much kidding and laughing as painting. I kept them on track and at a little after 3:00 they stepped away from their signed work knowing they had done a tremendous job. We tried on a couple of frames and as you will see, both went home with paintings ready to put on the wall.

Have a look:

20180218 Skagowski 029Yes, they are the same subject but with different color schemes. This allows them to be hung in the same room and still have different looks. I have a feeling though that Anika’s is going in her own room. I overheard a comment that one day there was going to be 15 of them hanging here.. I do not doubt that one bit.

You can see more pictures from this class session right here:

And from there you can look at the entire site. See what all of my new Idaho students have done. Of if you want to share the site with others the address is:

I don’t have any classes scheduled for the next few days so if you want some studio time, give me a call at 208-539-7732.


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