It’s A Family Affair

February 15th, 2018

Let me begin by wishing each of you the happiest of Valentines Days.

Picture1My day was a busy one. It is not often that I schedule two classes to be taught the same day but my youth sessions usually don’t run over 90 minutes and only only one of the students was brand new to the studio.

Yesterday I taught a “Date Night” session with the parents of today’s artists. Todd and Andrea have two really nice children. Tyson who is 6 and Gracie is the eldest at age 8. This was Gracie’s first class and it was a surprise Valentines Day gift for her. I had learned from Mom that her favorite color is pink so decided on a painting that I thought she would like doing. Her eyes lit up when she arrived and saw the subject. Here is the results of her effort: If you would like to see more photo’s from this

painting session CLICK HERE.

Tyson was the first class of my day. He has been here more than any other student this year and I just adore this young man. It is such a serious lad, observant and talks to me like he is 20. And he loves to paint. Today was the largest painting he has done to date. We worked on a 12 x 16 canvas and for the first time, utilized all of the surface. Here is his result:

You can see all of his class pictures right HERE. The first image you see is Tyson beating his paint brush dry. He is not very tall and has to get right down on his work.

I don’t have another painting session until this weekend and then I have classes scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. Just so you know, I am retired and able to teach any day of the week and am willing to do so just about any time of the day. I will remind you that my classes are very affordable. I provide everything that you need to complete the painting, including the canvas. If you know someone who you think might be interested in a class, please have them go to my web site and look around. That address is Thank you for that.

Happy Painting.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Family Affair

  1. Hi Pat,

    What adorable painters – and they must feel so accomplished to take home a finished painting after class. You are helping them develop a lifetime interest in art, colors, and observing the world around them.


    P.S. Ed busy watching college sports – we are enjoying nice spring weather in the mid-70s now.


    1. I am loving teaching these kids… When I began I thought that students less than 12 just were too young. Happy to be proving myself wrong… Tell Ed Hello, and to get up and walk around the house during commercials… Give him a dust rag to use while traveling.

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