Three New Students

This is a busy week. Yesterday I had Kadie H. for her first class. Today Mr and Mrs Butcher took their first lesson, I have two classes tomorrow, on Saturday I have two more new students and on Sunday , yep, another new student class. I AM LOVING IT. First of all, being busy keeps me happy and teaching painting classes does the same thing. And, I would not be telling you the complete truth if I did not fess up to liking the pocket money it produces. Yes… that makes me happy too.

Now, let’s talk about the week so far.

As I mentioned, I had a class on Monday. Kadee is eleven and loves art. It is her favorite subject in school where they explore many mediums. I think because of the cleanup problems, the school does not do oils, so apart from experimenting at home, this was her first experience in this medium. I have to tell you that she did an outstanding job and proved to be a very good student. By that I mean she could stay focused and she listened carefully to the instructions. More importantly, she was able to repeat them when it was her turn to paint. Let’s have a look at the finished product.. (This is on a 12 x 16 canvas)

Kadee Haderlie 013Now, lets talk about what we did today.

Todd and Andrea Bucher (Boo-chey) have had their son Tyson in class before and this December Todd purchased a date night certificate for the two of them. It was a part of Andrea’s Christmas. They had not been able to find an evening that worked for the two of them, so the date night became a date day. No matter, the results were the same. They had so much fun and like most of my students did an outstanding job. I find it interesting to observe couples in class. They are always so supportive of each others work but at the same time I see them eyeing the others painting and thinking to themselves about which part of each painting is better. There is always that competitive element between them.  Today was no different. And the results? Well, you judge for yourselves.

Todd & Andrea Butcher 020I never teach two different paintings in the same class, but on occasion I do have them change up the color scheme. That allows them to both hang their work and not have the same painting. This is an excellent example of how it can turn out.

Later this week, I will forward a report on the upcoming classes. In the meantime, please remember that the majority of my classes result from referrals so, of course, I ask that if you have had a class from me that you share the experience with your friends and family. I often have requests to do group classes. Unfortunately, my studio is small and teaching more than two is difficult. And I just don’t have the oomph to set up classes in other facilities. I am happy to come to your businesses or organization to do demonstration paintings. I can complete a pretty nice piece in 15 minutes or so and I do not charge for that.

Of course, people can see my work at https:/, or look for my FaceBook page. I am a certified Bob Ross instructor and love sharing the Joy of Painting.

Stay well,


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