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Feb 11, 2017

Good evening all.   It has been kind of slow day at the Brush Stroke Studio. I did not paint today, however yesterday I took advantage of time provided when a student had to make a late cancellation and I painted what we had talked about doing earlier. Actually, she was going to paint without a sample while I watched and gave help regarding technique and composition. I think it turned out really nice and now we have an example to work from.

20180210 Northern LightsThis took me about 25 minutes to paint and the rule of thumb is that for me to teach a class of the same composition it will take about 4 hours. This is definitely an adult class and before attempting it, I would want the student to have at least one painting class where we worked on mountains. This is done on a 12 x 24 canvas and makes a beautiful piece to hang and a great gift.

If you are interested to see the video of that I took, it is RIGHT HERE.  I shot this without assistance and the camera should have been back a little. I also need to think about getting a microphone which would improve the sound a bunch. It is still a learning experience.

Whats on the schedule?

This is going to be a busy week. Tomorrow I have  one new student, on Wednesday I have two new ones, Wednesday there are two, Thursday I get a day off but have to go to the dentist (Oh Joy). Then on Saturday I have two more new students and finally on the 18th there are two more new ones. So, you will be looking at a number of new faces. Look for the results on upcoming blogs.


I think I finally have the Google Calendar figured out and it is a feature that you can access by logging onto the site. It will show you when I have painting days available. You still have to call or text to reserve class time, but that allows you to see when I have class time open.  Note: After my class next Sunday, my schedule for the rest of the month is open but that can change in a hurry, so if you want to get a lesson in this month, give me a call.

Think I will take the rest of the day off. Maybe Wanda and I can find a good movie to watch…   We will visit again real soon.

Pat Alsup CRI®


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