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January 23, 2018

Life is full of challenges and I seem to be a glutton for punishment in this area. On my last posting, I mentioned that it was my intent to create a series of short videos showing some of the small things that you might not get from watching one of Bob’s Joy of Painting episodes. As of this posting, it has been a 9 hour process. Wanting to know if I could do it without assistance may have been a mistake. You will see that there is no zooming in and out on the video.. Yes, I did it alone. And once completed, I found a section that I did not like, so had to find a way to trim it out. The video program I have been using does not have that feature, so I downloaded a free version that boasts that it is easy to learn and use…  Well, that might be true for some, but it has been a challenge so far. If you don’t purchase it, then it leaves a watermark on the production. You WILL see that. I have not yet decided if this is the program I want so the watermark will stay for the time being.

But, finally, my first attempt is ready to post. I hope you will send me your thoughts after watching it.

No video will ever take the place of class time experience. In the studio we can work together to get the tools loaded properly and the touch to the canvas just right. I can head off problem habits easier early than late. But for those of you practicing at home, I hope this helps.

If you know of someone who this might help, please send them a link to the website: It is  Look under the Video tab.

Thanks so much

Pat Alsup  CRI®

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