December Student of the Month

Hello JOP followers….  I am writing this with head in hand, as it is long overdue. You may remember that we were out of the state for a number of days for a family funeral. This happened at the time I normally post the Student of the Month recognition and when we returned, I spaced it out.

Let”s get that corrected.

I had a number of excellent students in December and if you will go back to look at the December classes, I am sure that you will agree. There was one student who stood out from the rest and I am proud to recognize her as the best in December.

I met Adrian Salas first when I was looking for assistance in developing this web site and blog. She provided me a great deal of assistance in this effort and since has given me some help with what I hope will be developing new classes. She is an enthusiastic, confident lady so I am not surprised that she showed good skills when taking her first class. I am in hopes that she will be able to schedule some time around her job with KMVT to take a second session in January. (Are you listening Adrian?)

Before I show you the work she did, I want to mention that I have a class scheduled for this Saturday, but have many open spots for the remainder of the month.  And, this is a good time to think about a DATE NIGHT GIFT CERTIFICATE for February. It is the perfect gift for you and your special someone…

Now, lets see how Adrian Did…

20171216 Dressman Salas Class 027

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