Christmas Eve Wish

I was concerned that we would not have a white Christmas but, if you live in the Magic Valley, you know that my concerns were unwarranted. In fact, yesterday morning I was able to crank up the snow blower and be a good neighbor. In addition to my drive, I managed to clear six others plus the front sidewalks for almost all of my block. Not just my side of the block, but all the way around. That made me feel good and a bit sore. The soreness will go away, but feeling good about helping others always lasts.

The snow was predicted to begin again by eleven this morning so I was anxious to get out and help once more. But, at 2:00 pm it had not arrived so I went to the studio and created my own storm. That’s a bit like doing a rain dance except you do it indoors where it’s dry and warm. And my efforts paid off because three hours later the snow began. It was not one with large wet flakes. This one is a bit more sophisticated. It is a fine dry flake but steady and by morning, there should be three or four inches to keep me busy.

So, you see, my Christmas Eve Wish for snow was granted. Now I am sending another wish to you, hoping that tomorrow will be filled with warm laughter, hugs from friends and family and of course,  a good warm meal. Oh yes, if you have been wishing for a special gift, then I hope that is yours as well.

Below you will see the painting I did today. This was a one hour effort and is something that I can teach you in an adult session.

Merry Christmas to all of you. IMG_7693

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Wish

  1. Thanks Pat for your Christmas wish. We, too had about 3-4” last night and this morning. Vicky and Jose have been out shoveling the porch, and the driveways. I told them I should take a picture and he could sent it to all his friends in California. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well. The three of us are planning to have a delicious, special dinner later today, and I am looking forward to it. Give my Christmas Wishes to Wanda, and the boys. Love to you both, Betty

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