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December 20, 2017

I am just elated about the happenings these past several days.  About 10 days ago I had the privilege of working with Mr. Grant Taylor. He is a professional videographer who lives and works in Santa Fe, NM and was in Twin Falls seeing his mother. Grant spent part of a day filming me doing a painting. After returning home he edited all he had done and now I have the finished product. We spent almost two hours filming and doing some recording. He is a magician because the finished product makes me look pretty darned good. Yes, I am proud of the results and hope that you will enjoy it as well. In addition to  the 23 minutes it takes me to complete the painting, there is a short segment with slides of several students who took classes this year. The total video is about 28 minutes in length so I hope you will allot time to watch the whole thing and then, if you will, give me feedback as to what you think.

I also hope to do some (less professionally prepared) short training videos on how to do various loads to accomplish specific results on your canvas and how to apply the different mediums before painting. I will also cover cleanup and brush care. Things you don’t see on the Joy of Painting videos. All of this, as you understand, is with the hope that it will help me to increase my active student base. I can already see positive results from what has been done here and on Face Book. My best returns still come from word of mouth and I can only thank each of you for that.

Here is a link to the video. Please let me know if you like it.  CLICK HERE.

Happy Painting.

Pat A.

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