KMTV Day at the Joy of Painting

December 16, 2017

Today I again had the privilege of introducing the Bob Ross style of painting to two brand new students. Jordan Dressman, Weatherman at KMTV joined Adrien Salas who is a Marketing Consultant for the Station spent a little under four hours learning new skills. Adrien has painted in other mediums and Jordan had his first class ever. I will let you decide how they did…  I welcome your comments. You can do so at the bottom of the page where we feature their work. You will find that RIGHT HERE.

I have open painting days left in December. Give me a call and we can schedule a time. Or if you are looking for a really nice gift to give a special friend, why not give them a painting class? We can have a gift certificate ready for  you in just minutes.

Keep painting.

Pat A  CRI

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