Today…. a workshop

December 5, 2017

If a person really wants to learn to paint, it takes a good bit of practice. Today, Curt Blount came to Twin from Meridian to work on his skills.. He had taken one previous class, has purchased all of the supplies and I understand his garage has been a busy workshop while he works to perfect his skills. In this time, he has learned one important lesson and it is that one should spend some of their practice time with an instructor to insure that one does not develop bad or improper techniques.

This morning we spent extra time (in addition to a regular class) working on the proper way to paint clouds, trees and to put snow on the mountain. It added about 2 1/2 hours to a regular session but when he left  Curt made the comment that he really felt that a lot of progress was made. That is certainly what a teacher likes to hear…

To see pictures from today’s workshop  CLICK HERE.

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