November Student of the Month

December 1, 2017

I am so pleased to begin this new month with the announcement of November’s “Student of the Month” There are a number of considerations when making this decision. One of course, is the painting they go home with but equally important to me is how I think they responded in class. Watching carefully as I demonstrate how to load the brush for the various strokes, and then the angle and amount of pressure that you apply when touching the brush to the canvas are very important. So is the enthusiasm they demonstrate throughout the session.

This month DUSTIN TANNER is my pick. Here he is with the painting his masterpiece.

20171110 Tanner, Marie & Dustin 020Congratulations sir: It was a pleasure to have you in my class:


Typically the number of class session I teach goes down in December. There are just so many things going on and I think the extra cash is probably going for gifts instead of taking classes. Speaking of gifts, I have sold a number of gift certificates which will be redeemed early next year. If you are wanting to give a really unique, and still affordable, gift for your someone(s) special, I encourage you to consider a certificate for a painting class.

I have also been keeping busy with the brush. I had a request to do a special painting of Dad fishing. I was given a picture of him fly fishing in the evening. He was silhouetted¬†against the water and there was a nice sunset. Dad lives in the Sugar City area and I think has a stream near the back door. He also has a view of the Teton Mountains…. This is what I think they are going to send him for Christmas:

IMG_7578And I have been doing several paintings where I begin with a canvas using a black gesso base… I think they may have the makings of some future classes. Would appreciate your thoughts on them:

23847240_10214005370023883_5853782864050149712_oAnd here is another of the new ones:

IMG_7573If you have a thought for a painting you would like to do, let’s visit about it.

I have a continuing request. If you have friends or family that you think would enjoy seeing what we are doing at the Brush Stroke Studio, please send them a link to the site and ask them to complete the contact section and join our blog…


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