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November 29, 2017

Today I am working to make myself a little smarter and without the assistance of the WordPress help team.. That is probably a mistake… Anyway, what I want to be able to do is post videos of some of the different techniques we use to accomplish the load and touch results. While I have not taped anything of me, at my last class Tyson’s mom did shoot some video of his first session and has agreed to let me use that…  So, lets give it a try…

First of all, after Tyson had applied liquid white as a base to paint on, we put a myriad of colors for sky and the water. After that, he began the blending process. The liquid base allows us to move the paint easily and this short video shows him learning how to do that..

After that was done he added bushes, then created our water line and proceeded to the lower part of the painting… Here you will see him using a “bush load/stroke” to form the bush shapes. As he bends the bristles upward it creates the thick center and the twiggy tops…

The next video shows Tyson using the tip of the palate knife to scratch in the stems and branches. He was doing great on the stems and after I showed him how to make the smaller branches he did well on them.

The last step we show here is adding highlights to the bushes. For this we used varying mixes of the yellows, green and red. Here we use an oval brush which gives a nice bush shape. For part of this Tyson was putting too much pressure on the brush so I had to help him just a bit to use a lighter touch. Once he could get the correct feel for how hard to push, he did great. How much help I give each student really varies with the individual. Let’s look at that.

And finally, let me remind you of how this 6 year old’s painting turned out. He is a fine young man and who knows, one day he may be teaching your kids how to paint. I just hope he does not ask me for $ because I posted this video.

Thank you Tyson. You are a good student and now a good friend…20171121 Tyson Bucher 008 - Copy

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