More of my “kids” paint.

What a terrific way to begin the week. Two great young people in my classroom… two great paintings are completed and we had hundreds of smiles during this 4 hour session. Neither Matt Triner or Deb Kelly had done any painting and one of them assured me that they “absolutely would never be able to do anything work keeping”. I guessing you will agree that person was incorrect. This was a more difficult painting to begin with, but it is what they wanted and my job is to make it happen… Please take a minute and let them know how you think they did…CLICK HERE

I have another young man coming to paint witih me on Tuesday. We will see what 6 year young Tyson does… Stay tuned…

One thought on “More of my “kids” paint.

  1. Thank you Pat we had a wonderful time last night, Great job and I promise to keep my finger off that blade. Well I will try anyways.

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