Another New Student

My Wednesday Class

Last night I had another new student in the studio. I am pleased to show the progression of that class as Emily Hobbs works on her first oil painting. If you know Emily, you also know that she lights up every room she enters and last evening was no exception. I am pleased with her results and think she is too. See her class HERE

Getting Busier

I am also pleased with the responses to my blog and web site. There is an increasing volume of calls inquiring about classes. Some want them for their 2 and 3 year olds. Unfortunately, for this technique, that is just too young… Six is about the age that I like to start youngsters with classes. Sometimes I will meet with a 5-year-old to make a decision about doing a private class with them.


I am still becoming acquainted with the Google Calendar and so far am not satisfied with how I am able to display the days that classes are available… Currently you can see the notation at the top of any day that I am available and it should have a yellow tab in front of the text. I really want to fill the entire frame with yellow and if anyone can tell me how to do that, I am listening.

I have mentioned before that depending on my personal schedule, I am willing to teach any day of the week and that does include Sunday. I don’t want to begin any class earlier than 8 am not do I like to start them after 7 pm. But if you have a special circumstance, lets see if we can work something out,…   All classes must be scheduled directly with me at 208-539-7732.


You can help me grow my business with recommendations to your friends and family. If you will post likes on the website, that too helps to give me more exposure. And the more local searches for my site will help me to become more visible with Google so if you don’t mind log on there as much as you can. Even better,  log on, disconnect and log on again, (repeat and repeat) that really helps….

Thanks again..

Pat Alsup

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